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Yeah, I'm a little late, but hopefully this is still valid ;w;

So yeah, I'd like a Secret Santa of Takumi please! Pokimono App: Takumi Yamamoto by DuskNinjaKenji

Doing what, you may ask~?

1. The first is a romantic moment with :icontwilightsweetie:'s Manami and him, the details are open to you~

2. Takumi failing to help put up decorations for Scorched Mountains celebrations because of how weak he is with heavy stuff.

3. This one can be entirely up to you~

Thank you and have fun~
I was tagged by :iconsasoriryu:. Alright, let's see what the results will be! /o/

Pokemon Randomizer:


1 Switch to All Regions

2 Switch to 1

3 Only one Pokemon per question

1 This Pokemon is your best friend

(Lax) Walrein

Welp, time to ride my Walrus of Awesome to victory! Plus, as long as there is no Tusk scenario going on, I'm cool.
2 This Pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion.

(Naive) Darkrai

Looks intimidating, but is innocent on the inside.

</b>3 This Pokemon is your partner in a science project

(Quirky) Zebstrika

Probably the kind of partner that would be making jokes at you while you're trying to concentrate. ouo;;
4 This Pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you

(Relaxed) Hitmonchan

It's always the ones you least expect. >o>

</b>5 This Pokemon is your Ex

(Naive) Dusclops

Basically, I could see right through her in many situations. (Oh boy, that made me cringe and laugh at the same time.)
6 This Pokemon is your boyfriend/girlfriend

(Naive) Dewott

Yeah, maybe I wanted her because similar to my Ex, but maybe it was her skills with those clams that got me. Maybe she's an exotic dancer too

</b>7 This Pokemon stalks you every waking moment

(Impish) Quillash

I feel like he'll be staring at me with his Animal Crossing guy eyes. (and for shame, I can't find them icon for the guy)
8 This Pokemon just stole all your cheesecake

(Naive) Rhyperior

He didn't steal it, I gave it to him because he looked like he could beat me up if I didn't. 8"D

</b>9 This Pokemon is what you felt in your bed last night

(Adamant) Ledian

Ewwww bugs in my bed~ >A<
10 This Pokemon punched your mom

(Naive) Venomoth

But... it doesn't have hands... also, what's with all the Naive pokemon I'm getting? How are they un-naive enough to do these horrible things to me?

</b>11 This Pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes

(Timid) Florges

The flowers from Alice in Wonderland are taking their revenge on us "weeds".

</b>12 This Pokemon died by your hands

(Rash) Pampour


</b>13 This Pokemon is your loyal companion for life</b>

(Mild) Girafarig

Psychic Giraffe as my companion. Awesome. =w=

14 This Pokemon is your loving pet</b>

(Bashful) Nidoqueen

It is the Hinata of Nidoqueens.

15 This Pokemon is your Dentist

(Jolly) Magneton

Wow. Okay, do not want. DO NOT WANT! (So mean of me to talk down to someone about their passion. u_u)
16 This Pokemon is what you dream about every day

(Impish) Pidgeotto

So I dream I can fly? Then why can't I be a Pidgeot then? (:iconpidgeottoplz::iconsaysplz::iconforeveraloneplz:)

</b>17 This is the Pokemon you found in your basement when you moved into your new house

(Adamant) Vanillish

Awesome~ Unlimited ice cream~ (Too bad I'm lactose intolerant. OTL)

Well, that was fun. ouo So now, I think I will tag...


Hope you guys enjoy~ (If you don't feel like doing this, you don't have to.)

Pokimono- Takumi and Manami by DuskNinjaKenji
Pokimono- Takumi and Manami
Wow, this picture took so long to do, but wow, I'm so glad I did manage to get this done because this may be some of my best work. The wonders of what you can do with an airbrush tool. :iconitsbeautifulplz:

So yeah, this is a drawing for :iconpokimono: with my character, Takumi, and :icontwilightsweetie:'s character, Manami (who are both going out with each other :heart:), have a nice stroll through the streets of Scorched Mountain on a fairly beautiful moonlit night (from what I can tell about Scorched Mountain, it's usually very stormy, but I'll just say this is one of the few peaceful, pretty nights XD) while :iconemiane:'s character, Chiyo, is spying on them to make sure Takumi doesn't try anything funny with Manami (who I believe is BFFs with Chiyo).

Also, one final thing, this was originally going to be for the Tanabata Festival event, but I didn't make it in time, so I'm just presenting this as a stand alone picture. I didn't want to let my effort go to waste after all.

So to end this, leave a comment down below to let me know what you think. Any criticisms, like or dislike, whatever, my ears are open for discussion! /o/

Takumi Yamamoto Pokimono App: Takumi Yamamoto (c) :iconduskninjakenji:

Manami Asano Pokimono- Manami app (c) :icontwilightsweetie:

Chiyo Poki- Chiyo the Dedenne (c) :iconemiane:
A-Gents Application: 156 by DuskNinjaKenji
A-Gents Application: 156
Name : Ezekiel Gallagher

Age: 30

Birth Date: November 12th 1988

Skills and Specializations: Ezekiel, thanks to his ability, is skilled in Karate, studying them since he was 10 years old.
He is learning the styles of Kung Fu, specifically Wing Chun, as well as learning to use and defend himself against the hook swords, nun-chaku, bo staff, claymore, katana and halberd. While not a master, he has a fair enough understanding of their styles and philosophies.

Partner: A-gent 148

Ability: Muscle Memory: The ability to replicate movements after observation. The user has two forms of remembering mimicked movements, using short term memory and long term memory. The former involves reproducing a movement instantaneously, but it will be forgotten after demonstrating it, whereas the latter can replicate a movement that is learned off by heart.

Pros: After the four years of training his ability, Ezekiel now has a larger storage capacity to remember sixteen  movements than simply four, and can replicate them in rhythmic motion, one at a time, with his own natural movement.

Cons: Despite this change, Ezekiel can still be prone to producing too much lactic acid or tearing a muscle or causing any other kind of severe injury to himself by overworking his body, say if he tries to do a back-flip then a butterfly kick straight after that.

His preferred marital art style being Jeet Kune Do, which promotes the philosophy of taking them best aspects of the martial arts you have learned and rejecting the aspects that don’t help so you can develop your own style. This is a philosophy that Ezekiel utilizes with his ability.

With the help of the Assassin class, he has also been trained in basic stealth for missions that require it.

Personality: +Friendly +Passionate +Caring +Polite +Gentleman +Social | -Over-Analytical -Easily-Stressed -Pedantic -Low Self-Esteem

Ezekiel is a well-mannered, kind, empathetic, and amiable individual. He treats almost everyone with respect, particularly women. He is a feminist with gentleman attributes (He’s the kind of guy that would kiss a woman on the back of her hand if she didn’t think that was too weird :”D). So he tries handling any situation with a decorum of politeness. He enjoys socializing and always happy to meet new people. He’s a driven man who is passionate about the matters that mean the most to him, be it helping out a a comrade, perfecting a difficult move, finishing his Brawler homework, he will give 110%. He’s also a health-nut, always taking care about what he puts in his mouth, knowing how many carbohydrates certain foods have and what kind of exercises you will need to do to burn excessive fat. So he has a huge issue with people eating food with empty calories and highly-manufactured sugars so frequently and callously; though he will be too polite to say so, though his eye will twitch trying to hold the lecture back. But on that note, Ezekiel's empathetic nature causes him to put more confidence in what other people say and put himself down more than he should, which makes him bottle up his own frustrations and is hesitant about expressing himself. This also leads to a tendency to over-analyze dilemmas, which leads to him becoming easily stressed, and if pushed far enough, can lead to a blow out. Over the last four years, he's been trying to be mindful of this flaw, but he is still prone to it, no matter how much he holds his feelings back.

Class: Brawler

History: Ezekiel was born in Dublin, Ireland to the Gallagher family with his mother, Martha, and father, Drew, and his younger sister Quinn joining the family 2 years later. They lived in a poorly-conditioned apartment that was all their parents could afford with their minimum-wage jobs and by the time Ezekiel was 10, his father left due to not being able to handle his poor lifestyle. This put the family in financial struggles with the mother trying to support the family on her own, both Ezekiel and Quinn seeing this but not being able to do anything about it due to being too young to earn a decent-paying job. So to make things easier for his mother, he took a lot of responsibility for taking care of the family by doing chores, looking after Quinn and helping out his mother with anything that she was too busy to do alone (like taking the two to school), trying to be the man of the house. But Ezekiel, or Z as Quinn liked to call him for short, knew he couldn't keep his family alright by doing all these little things. He knew they needed the money to help his mother pay off debts and give them a better life, but he had no idea what he could do. However, that opportunity came on one fateful day at 10 years old when he finally discovered his ability.

On this day, Z was walking with Quinn down the streets of Dublin, walking them home from school, when a very creepy-looking man approached them from an alleyway and seemed to be very interested in Quinn. Being protective of his younger sister and having a good sense of street smarts from being brought up in a rough area, he told the man to go away and tried to lead Quinn away from him, but the man persisted and reached out to grabbed her. Seeing his younger sister vulnerable and in danger from this man instinctively unlocked the ability he had deep inside to defend her, his Muscle Memory. Remembering a scene from a martial arts film he saw once, he replicated the same attacks from that memory movement for movement at fended off the man until he was on the ground before running off with his sister, not looking back until they knew they were safe. Quinn asked him how he did that, and not even he knew. So he decided to not think about it for a while, assuming that it must have been a fluke of the moment. But when he was at school one day and saw an advertisement for a student's fighting tournament with a big cash prize for the winner, he thought back to what happened on that day and thought about looking into fighting further to win the cash prize for his family and finally be able to help through their struggle.

He acquired help from Mr. Hector Finnett, his school gym teacher who used to be a soldier and Karate fighter, to train him for the tournament. Hector was surprised by Z's ability to replicate any technique he showed him, assuming that he was a gifted visual learner. During the training, Hector learned about why Z wanted to enter and found it admirable. So he did his best to keep Z's body healthy and fit and taught him a number of fighting techniques to make sure he was prepared. On the day of the tournament, Z had managed to become a decent fighter with what he was taught and by the end of it all, managed to win the tournament and took the cash prize home, giving the money to his mother to help her pay off her debts. His mother and sister were worried for Z's safety for risking getting hurt through fighting, but very proud of him by the end when he went through so much just to help them.

During his years in school, Z was able to make money by working as Hector's assistant, doing tasks like helping him with any manual labour or sorting in the gym or running a few errands for him or even helping him train other students during after-school self defense classes. They still continued with their training sessions to further Z's knowledge and skills of fighting (with a lot of help from his Muscle Memory for pulling off difficult moves), gaining a satisfaction out of becoming stronger, and entering the occasional fighting events to see how far he had come. Over that time, Z had become one of Hector's star pupils and the two had formed a strong bond with each other, as if Hector had become the father figure that Ezekiel lacked in his life. The money that Z gained not only helped pay off their family's debts, but also help put money into their bank account for when they would need it, to put Quinn and him in a better-quality high school and give them a better home, food and lifestyle.

When Z finally graduated from school at 18, he had decided to follow what he thought he was good at and became a professional MMA fighter in the UFC, with Hector as his personal trainer. He did this for about a year and in that time and now was doing it to not only make a living for his family, but also to have enough to put Quinn through college so she could study to become a doctor. In that time, Z also gained a reputation of being a truly skilled fighter at such a young age, pulling off moves that even some of the most experienced fighters took years to pull off thanks to his ability. But by the time he turned 19, his mother, Quinn and Hector told Z that he no longer had to keep fighting just for them. His mother and sister already had more than enough to live on and they didn't want to see him put himself through dangerous fights just to give them more money. They told him that it was time for him to start making choices for himself, to start living his own life. As a gift, they gave him a green belt as thanks for everything he had done for them all these years. Z took this gift with great satisfaction that he had finally made his family's life better, and decided that living life his own way was for the best. A few days later, Z announced his retirement as an MMA fighter, seeing as how there was no point anymore now that he was no longer fighting for his family, in order to pursue other career opportunities.

Over the next 4 years, Z went through a number of different jobs, mainly consisting of security, bodyguard work or being a bouncer, was renting out an average apartment with decent pay by going from job to job. Though he was no longer making money for his own family, he found that he still had a passion for using his ability to keep people safe, so these jobs appealed to him. However, this factor would help change his life on one particular night. He was 23 years old and working as a bouncer at a local night club and while showing people inside, he saw that a gang of 20 vagabonds were causing trouble in the line and pushing through to get in. Z knew that these guys would cause trouble inside so he refused to let them in. But even with that, the group would not go away and told him that they weren't leaving unless they made him leave, obviously looking for a fight now. Seeing as how this was the only way to get them to leave, Z took them up on that challenge and faced off against these 20 hostile gang members, some with knives and bludgeoning weaponry. Even with the odds against him, Z was taking out all of them one by one, using a combination of his own skills and strength and his ability to replicate complex and choreographed moves that he watched from a variety of martial arts films. This caught the attention of all the surrounding people as they were recording this on their phones and putting this amazing spectacle on the internet. Finally, the gang members had decided they had had enough as they ran off, with many of them taking those that Z had knocked unconscious, and Z's victory was celebrated by a crowd of applause from those around him, but the Irish fighter was just happy that he was able to do his job and keep this place and the people in it safe.

The next morning, Z was visited by a tall individual wearing black spandex and a white coat and orange glasses at his apartment. When Z invited him in and talked with him, this man seemed to know a lot about him, almost at a very concerning level, so Z confronted him about it. It turned out the man, simply calling himself Uno, was the leader of a secret organisation of super-powered beings whose job is to defend the world from incredibly powerful threats, and they wanted him to become their newest 'A-gent', as he referred to the members as. Z asked why he was chosen and Uno said that he saw video of him fighting off twenty gang members and said that was the help of a super-powered ability. Uno said that his ability could be used for more than what he was doing, that he could use it to do incredible things and protect this world for destruction. Finally, after all this time, Z had an answer for the origin of his skilled fighting and now was given the chance to use it for a greater cause, to fight for the good of the world and to protect the people in it. After giving it some thought, Z took Uno up on the offer and agreed to join the agency. When he had finished packing what he needed, he was taken to a private jet by Uno and flew off to the A-gent's Headquarters, ready to start his new life as a defender of Earth and more; his new life as an A-gent.

Over his time as an A-gent, Ezekiel has met many obstacles, some emotional and personal, some physical, some having to do with growing stronger to keep up with the bigger threats he faces, others involved making up for past mistakes. Needless to say, it has been busy for him. The fast four year especially have been difficult. Along with various other missions, he has spent a lot of his time improving his ability in order to memorise many movements by studying Kung Fu, specifically Wing Chun. This significantly helped him in a mission on June 2015 to take out a deadly alien popstar, which culminated in his first of many increases in rank, a day he holds dear to him.

On a mission to Africa in 2015, a mission where child soldiers ambushed the A-gents and Ezekiel had witnessed several of them accidentally killed, left him scarred from seeing children trying to kill them. This further reinforced his unease towards murder and unnecessary violence. But through 3 months of full-time therapy and the support from his lover, 148 Larissa Solokov, he was able to get out of his depression and be ready to take on missions again.

In June 2017, he proposed to 148 and they are currently engaged and still figuring out the date for their wedding. But in the present day, he is still training in Wing Chun, staying as optimistic as he can, and continues to use his power to make this world a better place to live.

Likes: Marital arts, Bruce Lee movies (as well as other martial arts movies), keeping himself in shape, BBQ ribs

Dislikes: Bad health decisions (eg. seeing people smoke, drink excessively or eat junk food), eating liver, horror movies (especially gore and body horror)

Medical Information:
Phobia: Dysmorphophobia- fear of deformity. In Ezekiel’s case, he watched The Exorcist, The Fly and Dawn of the Dead at a young age and they did not sit well with him.

He has suffered post traumatic stress from fighting child soldiers and witnessing some of their deaths on a mission in Africa. He has undergone treatment for his PTSD, and while not as prominent an issue, still requires him to have therapy sessions and take anti-depressants, specifically Sertraline (Zoloft).

Blood type: AB+

Allergies: Liver

-Cuts from mermaid claws:
-1 on his left side
-1 that extends from the middle of his chest to his stomach
-1 across his back (from top left shoulder to right hip
-1 across sides of left and right legs, going from upper to lower leg, making it looked like the legs were in a crouching position when cut
-1 across side of right arm
-1 across front of left upper arm
-Circular scar around right forearm from mermaid bite tearing off skin and flesh from arm
-Metal shrapnel stab wounds and burns
-1 on left thigh
-1 on right thigh
-2 on left upper arm
-1 on right upper arm
-Wood shard stab wounds
-2 on each foot sole
-2 on right forearm

Roleplay Sample: 156: "Good afternoon, there. I'm A-gent 156, or Z works too." 156 greeted.
Random Agent: "Okay... Z... Has anyone ever said you look like a gym teacher?" He asked coyly.
156: He still smiles at the man with a furrowing of his eyebrows. "No, not really... it's meant to be like Bruce Lee's outfit in Game of Death."
Random Agent: "Ah... Would not have guessed that, but now that you mention it..." :iconareyouawizardplz: "The goatee and long hair don't really fit the Bruce Lee mold though."
156: "You can call that me giving the style my own bit of flare to it." He chimed. :iconbig--grinplz:
Random Agent: "Wait... was that a redhead pun?" :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:
156: ^u^;; "... Perhaps."

- Ezekiel is a casual drinker, probably not having more than 5 unless it's a special occasion. He doesn't want to build up those carbs by drinking excessively. (Man, I would hate to have Ezekiel as a personal dietition. So pedantic. :"D)
- He is currently engaged to his partner, Larrisa Solokov. <da:thumb id="399810084">
Yeah, I'm a little late, but hopefully this is still valid ;w;

So yeah, I'd like a Secret Santa of Takumi please! Pokimono App: Takumi Yamamoto by DuskNinjaKenji

Doing what, you may ask~?

1. The first is a romantic moment with :icontwilightsweetie:'s Manami and him, the details are open to you~

2. Takumi failing to help put up decorations for Scorched Mountains celebrations because of how weak he is with heavy stuff.

3. This one can be entirely up to you~

Thank you and have fun~


Jamie Douglas
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
I'm the Media Dusk (a.k.a DuskNinjaKenji), and all I'm here to do is meet some new people, have some fun, draw a bit, look at some art, all that stuff. =3=

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia

Favourite genre of music: Not really very picky, depends what mood I'm in, I suppose.

Hero: Buck Brannaman

Favourite photographer: Hmmm, good question

Favourite style of art: Anything that seems really cool to me

Operating System: Laptop

MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic

Shell of choice: Dunno :shrug:

Wallpaper of choice: Computer default image =3=

Skin of choice: Um... my OWN skin? :O_o:

Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede

Personal Quote: Love and Peace!

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