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SOHK OCT Audition Cover by DuskNinjaKenji
SOHK OCT Audition Cover
Here's the cover page for my :iconsohk-oct: audition! This took me less than two weeks to do. Good lord. *drops to the floor* But yeah, coming up with the title was the most fun about this. I tried to think of something you would make into an old Shaw Bros. or Bruce Lee movie title. Anyway, now for the actual pages. This may take me... two months. :"D

Page 1:
Reference Sheet: <da:thumb id="543063352">
SOHK-OCT: Qiqiang Reference Sheet by DuskNinjaKenji
SOHK-OCT: Qiqiang Reference Sheet
  • Full Name and Nick/preferred name: Huo Qiqiang/Qiqiang/Qi/The Red Spear (name from his bullying days)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Stats:
    • Offense: 10/20
    • Defense: 10/20
    • Speed: 10/20
    • Stamina: 15/20
    • Intelligence: 5/20
  • Likes: Mercy, Kindness, Training, Helping others, Chicken, Dominoes, Jasmine Tea, Kittens, Family, Smooth EDM
  • Dislikes: Bullies, Seeing people scared, making people upset, rain, flies, being scolded, Heavy Metal
  • Strengths: High endurance when fighting/training, high reach with staff, quick on his fight with dodging and kicking.
  • Weaknesses: Doesn't know all the tricks of his staff, sympathetic to those who want mercy, doesn't have much upper-body strength.
  • Fighting Style: Xing Yi Quan- A style of Wudang Kung Fu, which uses aggressive, short-ranged movements to generate bursts of power to overwhelm an opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending. It's most common weapon is the spear and it can be used for both fists hard and soft.
  • Description (Tell us about your characters): Qiqiang is a Chinese/American boy and a Junior in the School for Hard Knocks. Once a bully in previous years, he's now kind and helpful to a fault; always smiling and seeming casual, butwith a hidden self-consciousness on his past behaviour. He is confident in his fighting, since he wants to do well in the upcoming Finals. Though he will now be extremely merciful with his opponents.
  • History: Qiqiang does like to go into details about his past, but he will say that he was born in New York to a Chinese family and he learned Xing Yi Quan from his father, a master at the martial art; who enrolled him to provide the best education, even if he's not the brightest bulb. It's well known that he was a bully to a lot of students, not being lethal but still picking on the weak, being given the name The Red Spear after he first stabbed someone in the shoulder with his spear. Now one mistake with his family has made him the complete opposite, with his seemingly "ordinary" staff and rope as his only weapons sent to him by his father (a Xing Yi Quan master) and mother (a weapons manufactuer) after his spear broke. However, most of his time has been spent training,helping out in after-school activities, focusing on his studies and keeping out of trouble. This new behaviour has resulted in him being picked on, usually against bullied students looking for revenge, and losing more times that not. Now the finals are coming, and with the new deliquant champion, he has to make a stand and take her down; not only for the other students under her thumb, but for his own personal redemption.
  • Personality: He is a kind-hearted, overly friendly, somewhat-laidback young man, appearing optimistic, apologetic and willing to help others. However, this means that he often takes a lot fo verbal abuse with stribe and puts the needs of others before his own. Despite this pushover nature, he has a strong set of moral principles that he adheres the wholeheartedly. In his previous  years of school, he was known for being a bully to others in his year or lower, only changing his attitude this year. THis gives the feeling that he is actively trying to be a doormat, not wanting to fight, but is perfectly capable too. He is also stubborn about his punishment of training in weapons he's not used to. No matter what, he will carry himself with an upbeat smile and comment, no matter if it is hiding a very tired young man underneath.
  • Weapons (if any): A staff that has hidden flares, tiny dual rockets, and is able to transform into a spear and a three-section staff; a rope with pads on the ends that can stick to any surface instead of human skin.
  • Extra Info: He was a member of the Kung Fu Club, before being kicked out. The reasons as to why are unknown. He is intimidated by people who are obviously or are said to be stronger than he is.
 Sohk Oct: Qiqiang Palette Meme by DuskNinjaKenji
Sohk Oct: Qiqiang Palette Meme
Hey guys! Here's the rather popular Color Palette Meme for :iconsohk-oct:! Basically, I'm giving my character different costumes, like in a fighting game! So I decided to go use some that were colour swaps, other characters, characters that were the inspiration for this one, and a wild card!

1. Default - He wears this everyday.

2. The Red Spear - The outfit he wore during his bullying days.

3. No Color Sense- When you just don't care, or if you wanna look like Rick Astly in the most 80s colors ever.

4. Pluto- The both of them are staff-wielders, so why not rip off borrow his design?

5. Jet Li's Fearless- Qiqiang's backstory and drive for personal redemption was taken heavily from this character. That's why he has the same last name, yes.

6. Toji Suzuhara- This ex-bully from Evangelion is what gave me the idea for his design, though looking at it now, they do look rather similar... Please don't come after me, Evangelion Lawyers. oxo

7. Wilt- This lovable optimistic doormat from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was the key inspiration for Qiqiang, though he looks pretty freaky as a human :"D.

8. No reason behind this other than wanting to draw human Spongebob, and it's just as goofy-looking as when I imagined it. So... beware, y'all! Spongebob is now in the roster!

Pluto (c) :iconwinterspheonix: and :iconsc0rpi052:

Jet Li's Fearless (c) Ronny Yu

Toji Suzuhara (c) Hideaki Anno

Wilt (c) Craig McCracken

Spongebob Squarepants (c) Stephen Hillenburg
SOHK-OCT: Qiqiang ID Card by DuskNinjaKenji
SOHK-OCT: Qiqiang ID Card
Because all the cool kids are doing it, I decided to hand in my ID card for :iconsohk-oct:, which I'm planning to enter. God help my schedule. Info on this dude will be in his reference sheet, which can be found here:
But I'll officially put it on Deviant Art as soon as I finish the audition.
And yes, I copy and pasted the image from his reference sheet. So that's why the quality of the picture is not too good. :"D
PG- Leonardo at the Gym by DuskNinjaKenji
PG- Leonardo at the Gym
This is just a small story I wrote for :iconpokeglitch: while I was awake at 4:30 in the morning. So I may come back to fix this up, but as for now, take it for what you will. I do hope you like it though. :)

Leonardo Anderson (c) :iconduskninjakenji:

Original Image:…
Yeah, I'm a little late, but hopefully this is still valid ;w;

So yeah, I'd like a Secret Santa of Takumi please! Pokimono App: Takumi Yamamoto by DuskNinjaKenji

Doing what, you may ask~?

1. The first is a romantic moment with :icontwilightsweetie:'s Manami and him, the details are open to you~

2. Takumi failing to help put up decorations for Scorched Mountains celebrations because of how weak he is with heavy stuff.

3. This one can be entirely up to you~

Thank you and have fun~


Jamie Douglas
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
I'm the Media Dusk (a.k.a DuskNinjaKenji), and all I'm here to do is meet some new people, have some fun, draw a bit, look at some art, all that stuff. =3=

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia

Favourite genre of music: Not really very picky, depends what mood I'm in, I suppose.

Hero: Buck Brannaman

Favourite photographer: Hmmm, good question

Favourite style of art: Anything that seems really cool to me

Operating System: Laptop

MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic

Shell of choice: Dunno :shrug:

Wallpaper of choice: Computer default image =3=

Skin of choice: Um... my OWN skin? :O_o:

Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede

Personal Quote: Love and Peace!

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