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Jim P. Griffith | (Meister) by DuskNinjaKenji
Jim P. Griffith | (Meister)
Name: Jim P. Griffith
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Delivery Worker
Origin: Gorgonio Academy

Brief background:
Jim Griffith was born and raised somewhere in Minnesota with his mother, father, and older brother Sean (who was born a Rapier Demon Weapon). His mother is a real estate agent and his father is a retired meister. By the time Sean could turn into a whole rapier, the father began to train the two boys extravagantly in basic fencing techniques before he wanted to send the two of them to the closest academy in the state area, Gorgonio. When Jim was 14 and his brother 16, and with the disappearances of more people everyday, the two boys wanted to give their help to the cause.

The two brothers spent around a year in the Gorgonio Academy, Sean easily adjusting (with a partner already) more than Jim (who was fluxing between partners due to lack of resonance), but the two spent a lot of time together to talk about their training, listen to music or practice guitar. Then Sean went on a mission to investigate a disturbance in Sherburne County and the party didn’t come back after 2 days. Suddenly, an army of ghouls invaded Gorgonio and began to kill all people in sight. Hopelessly outnumbered and underpowered, Jim narrowly managed to escape with a small group of survivors in a range rover.

The group made it to the safe spot, discussed giving up being Death Hunters and to find a place that was as far away from these ghouls as possible. Jim, conversely, decided to do the opposite and search for one of the more well-known of academies, Grimoire. He believed he could train there to fight the ghouls effectively; perhaps Sean made his way there as well. Reluctantly agreeing, the group gave him supplies, food, a map and a dagger before separating.

Jim spent four years looking for Grimoire, going off rumours he’s collected from passersby or following his rather complicated-looking map, all the while hiding from ghouls. His fears growing worse every day. He walked for half of the trip, as he became scared of receiving rides from hitchhikers after several bad ghoul encounters. All that was keeping him going was his desire to become a stronger Death Hunter and to hope that maybe When he finally arrived and what he thought was the Grimoire Sanctuary, he was surprised to find it was now the Elysium Resistance, but that didn’t matter to him, so long as he could still train to become a Death Hunter. After a week of recuperating, he was disappointed to learn his brother was not in Elysium; since he was here, he acquired a job as a Delivery Worker for the library. This allowed him to sneak a few books for reading and learning about ghouls and soul wavelength in his spare time.

Jim is a shy, soft-spoken, reserved and socially awkward young man. He often keeps to himself, by either reading or listening to music. If caught in a conversation, however, he will act polite and smile despite being nervous from over-thinking about what to say or do that would be socially appropriate. He also has a tendency for perfectionism. If a situation doesn't go his way, he will over-analyze and stress how he could have made that interaction better. Most of this behavior is exhibited from spending most of his time with his brother. He reminisces very fondly of his brother and family, and now with the whereabouts of his brother and his parents unknown to him, he now has grown a tendency to worry about where they are and if they’re alright. When by himself, he stresses about thoughts of their possible death and violently abuses himself to believe they can be alright.

Despite not having the best social skills, Jim is a rather caring and empathetic individual. While he will spend some time contemplating if he should or not, he will try to console with someone he sees is upset and will stand to defend anyone whom is being bullied. Whatever problem Jim has, he will always try to keep them to himself; not to make them anyone else's problem. He is hesitant talking about how he arrived to the Elysium Resistance, preferring to leave that behind him in favor of growing strong enough to help people as a Death Hunter. If he is pushed too far, he will grow more aggressive in the hopes the other person will drop talking of his past and move on to lighter topics that he can cope with. If it becomes too bad, he will listen to music on his iPod to drone out the memories, which he will do in private.

Strengths / Weaknesses:
+Excellent at hiding and survival
+Polite and kind to fellow classmates
+Vigilant studier and reader
-Still rusty in hand-to-hand combat
-Awkward and shy
-Finds it difficult to resonate with people as easily as some others do
-Anxious and overly-critical
-Uncomfortable with remembering his past
-Not very strong

Likes / Dislikes:
+Music (Classic Rock and Classical)
+Keeping to himself
+Playing guitar
-Being the center of attention
-Feeling inadequate

Fighting style:
Jim is agile and quick with his reflexes, due to his early fencing training, and his years of hiding have made him become defensive and perceptive in combat. He attacks as quickly as he can before moving back, blocking or dodging any attack as fast as he could and waiting for another opening. If he had a chose of weapon, he would prefer a sword or a dagger.
PG: Leo in Volonta by DuskNinjaKenji
PG: Leo in Volonta

This is for a small event to draw our characters if the ethics of the opposite dome, Volonta, where brought to the main dome, Arcobaleno. Volonta's society is purely military, focusing on survival and making sure everyone has a job that maintains said survival. So I imagine Leo would be a part of Internal Defense, but without such a strong attachment for the moral structure. Instead being another cog in the machine, quiet, solemn, following orders from the higher-ups without a second thought, and most conversely, willing to torture prisoners.

Thank god this version of him isn't canon, right? ... I'm looking at you, Zan. :iconiseewhatyoudidthere:

Also, obvious lens flare is obvious. :"D

Leonardo Anderson… (c) :iconduskninjakenji:
PG Application: Leonardo Anderson (Update) by DuskNinjaKenji
PG Application: Leonardo Anderson (Update)
This is an updated application of Leonardo Anderson for :iconpokeglitch:! He looks very different now, so I will go into that in the info section!

Bullet; BlackName: Leonardo Anderson (adopted surname) (biological name Limbani)
Bullet; BlackGender: Male
Bullet; BlackAge: 21

Bullet; BlackSpecies: Smeargle
Bullet; BlackAbility: Own Tempo - An ability that prevents confusion. Though no pokemon has it as their single ability. It has no effect outside of battle.
Bullet; BlackLevel: 24

Bullet; BlackBirth Date: May 4th 2982
Bullet; BlackWeight: 159 pounds
Bullet; BlackHeights: 5'8 feet

Bullet; BlackJob: Cadet --> Soldier --> Chevalier
Bullet; BlackDistrict: Lumiere
Bullet; BlackAlignment: Good

Bullet; BlackAttacks:
-Extrasensory: The user attacks with an odd, unseeable power. It may also makes the target flinch. (10% chance)
-ExtremeSpeed: The user charges the target at blinding speed. This attack always goes before any other move.
-Thunderbolt: A strong electric blast is loosed at the target. It may also leave the target with paralysis.
-Sketch: It enables the user to permanently learn the move last used by the target. Once used, Sketch disappears.

Likes: Art, digital art, moral justice, friends, keeping the community safe, seeing people happy, dumplings
Dislikes: Errors, crime, having nothing to do, people who disrespect him or his friends, being called a goody-two-shoes, prejudice, corrupted government, Flereous, harm towards the innocent and calamari.

Personality: Leonardo is a stern and strong-willed young man with a strong sense of justice and empathy for the civilians he is to protect with his life. That over-dramatic mentality is how his mind operates. While these are his better attributes, other may call him paranoid, overly-serious, and even thoughtless of his own well-being. He would be more than willing to jump in front of a bullet than let a person die, if he can help it, which has resulted in him being hospitalized three times. His paranoia stems from the loss of his parents and his fear of having the same fate be put onto someone else, not to mention the trauma of what he has witnessed has made murder an emotional trigger for him and is what prevents him from shooting people when necessary, making him feel inferior for not being able to help as many people as he can, whether it's out in the streets or with some kind of legal issue. He has become much more mindful of this flaw, which further adds to his anxiety. But behind all that lies a man who is fair, kind, and wants to see people happy. He has a philosophy of seeing all three factions as part of the same city, therefore doesn't have any personal prejudices based on what district a person is from (Diavolo for example), but rather what that person's character is and if their actions cause any trouble to the city or the people in it.

History: Leonardo was born and raised in the Lumiere District and used to have a normal life with his loving parents Fidel and Jessica Limbani, who were well known filmmakers working in Lumiere. But that all changed when he was 10 years old. He and his parents went to Arcobaleno to see a concert when suddenly, they were approached by a mugger. The mugger threatened to kill them with his knife if they didn't hand over their money, but his parents didn't say anything as they were too scared to react, only holding onto each other and Leo in the middle, just as scared as the two of them. Since they refused to comply, the mugger upheld what he said and stabbed his parents in the chest. They both fell to the ground, gasping for air as their lives slowly withered and a pool of blood growing under them. Leonardo just stood there, frozen where he was. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His parents had just been murdered, and were gone forever. Since Leo was immobile, the mugger took his chance and took all the valuables out of his parents pockets before running away. Leo didn't react, he just fell to his knees, his eyes full of horror and anxiety. He began to hyperventilate at this, which got the attention of a passing Sentinel as he went over to see the parents and notified other Sentinels of this discovery. It wasn't until the others came along when Leo was taken away from his parents, crying as he didn't want to be taken away from the people he loved, even if there was nothing left for him there. After that experience, Leo was put into an orphanage in Lumiere and put up for adoption. He didn't have much luck with being adopted when people came, as the death of his parents left him completely traumatized. He kept to himself most of the time, having very minimal social skills, he became very insecure about most things and became very anxious very easily. He didn't like to talk about that fateful night of his, as the memories were too painful for him to remember. He then began to wear a mask to make himself feel more secure in his own shell . All he did there was practice his painting in order to relieve the pain he felt, but to little success. It didn't make the pain go away, it didn't fix anything for him. But that changed when he turned 15. A married couple called the Andersons, with Robert (a Lucario Chevalier) and Debby (an Espeon Nurse) had come to the orphanage to look for a child on account that they where unable to make one of their own. The husband noticed Leonardo and was told about his past by the caretaker, leaving them to take an interest in him. Since Robert was a retired Chevalier, and to hear about a boy who had experienced that much left him sympathetic towards him, so they decided to adopt Leonardo.
So Leo was taken to his new home and his parents tried to make him feel welcome, but he still kept his distance for a while and kept to his drawing. He still didn't feel secure around them, still afraid to trust them. This was making Robert and Debby upset and feeling like they failed as parents, but Robert then had an idea. He decided to take Leo to work to see what he does as a Chevalier for the day. At first, it kind of scared him to know he had to face bad guys, but as the day continued, he saw how strong his father was around those who were breaking the law, and how people gave him respect and praise for doing so many good deeds. It was then that Leo started to open up, not only to his father, but to the law. He saw how the law put things in order and stopped horrible things from happening. So when he came back home with his father, he had finally knew what was missing in his life, what he wanted to be. He wanted to become a Chevalier, just like his step-father. He then began to study in law at school and work hard in self-defense and exercise, as he needed to wait until he was old enough to take the job. When he turned 18, he had finally got a job as a Cadet. His step-father had bought him a Hover Tablet and Pen-tail accessory (which he had specially made for him by a mechanic friend of his) as a present for his new job, and he couldn't believe how proud he was with Leo on his way to becoming a Chevalier, growing a strong bond with him and his step-mother (made clear as he now calls them Mom and Dad). Now he follows in his step-father's footsteps and aimed to become a Chevalier, an enforcer of the law and a protector of the people he loves.

After the collapse of the dome and seeing the death and destruction that followed, he fell into a deep depression for at least a month, but was helped out of it by his family, his few friends and his own mentality. He spent his time doing patrols around the Lumiere area as the city was being rebuilt (unable to help with a broken leg), and after it was rebuilt, he went back to his old job and working hard to be promoted from Soldier to Chevalier.

:bulletblue: Protective Armor Plates for Uniform
:bulletblue: Leather Gloves for insulating from Electric attacks
:bulletblue: Pen-Tail Accessory: can create physical matter of the lines that emit from Leo's pen. His drawings can ranged from still objects (such as swords) to animations of people or even pokemon (though these take the longest to draw and can only be activated with a special switch). While his drawings can be converted from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional, if these drawings were to receive an impact hard enough, or if they were splashed with water, or if the pen malfunctioned or was destroyed, the drawings would disappear. To add to that, the drawings can only be sustained for a maximum of one minutes per drawing.
:bulletblue: Self-rotating Baton/Tazer
:bulletblue: Soldier-issued Laser Gun (stun and kill settings)
:bulletblue: Touch-top Pepper Spray
:bulletblue: Communicator to Chevalier Headquarters
:bulletblue: 1x Power-Nullifying Handcuffs
:bulletblue: Riot Shield
:bulletblue: Riot Helmet with Mini-Computer Optical Display

Additional Info:

-His pen-tail isn't attached to his body, but is an accessory that covers over his regular tail end.

-Apart from your basic art style, Leonardo's favorite art style is digital art.
PG- Leo Job Advancement Page 2 by DuskNinjaKenji
PG- Leo Job Advancement Page 2
Finally, the next page has arrived! Will this be a change for Dusk and will he finish this task he has set out to do faster? Only time will tell!

Also, sorry for no color. I just felt like I should submit this before I get put on the sweep list again.

First Page: <da:thumb id="467018314">

Last Page: <da:thumb id="481079927">

Next Page: ???

Leonardo Anderson & Leonardo's Father (c) :iconduskninjakenji:
Yeah, I'm a little late, but hopefully this is still valid ;w;

So yeah, I'd like a Secret Santa of Takumi please! Pokimono App: Takumi Yamamoto by DuskNinjaKenji

Doing what, you may ask~?

1. The first is a romantic moment with :icontwilightsweetie:'s Manami and him, the details are open to you~

2. Takumi failing to help put up decorations for Scorched Mountains celebrations because of how weak he is with heavy stuff.

3. This one can be entirely up to you~

Thank you and have fun~


Jamie Douglas
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
I'm the Media Dusk (a.k.a DuskNinjaKenji), and all I'm here to do is meet some new people, have some fun, draw a bit, look at some art, all that stuff. =3=

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia

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Favourite cartoon character: Vash the Stampede

Personal Quote: Love and Peace!

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